Friday, September 25, 2009

All better...sort of

Well if you haven't heard by now Dave's surgery went great. He made it through the surgery and out of recovery in 3 hours. My husband the over-achiever!!! :) Anyways, we left the hospital on Monday around 3:00 p.m. and I drove Dave to his parent's house so he could recover there without the threat of little man tackling or attacking him while he snoozed being on pain meds. It also made Dave's mom and I a lot more comfortable that she could be there with him all day in case he needed anything since I had to go back to work. So it worked out nicely.

Dave is doing much better, just trying to recover from the surgery. He is starting to swell now that the anesthesia has worn off and he is sore, but overall I believe he is doing great! The big question now is when is Dave coming home?!? Tonight, tomorrow, Sunday, next year(just kidding)...we are just not sure yet! Drew and I miss him like crazy, but his recovery is crucial so I want him to be completely certain that he will be okay.

I have had a great week with Drew. We have bonded and had lots of Mommy/Drew time and he is now a "Mama's Boy"...sort of. I started feeling really bad on Wednesday night and ended up going to the doctor yesterday during my lunch break to find out that I have a sinus infection and an ear infection in both ears, great timing huh?!? They gave me a shot and a bunch of medicine and today I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! Now for a busy, busy weekend.

I am hoping I get to make it to the girl's night out that my childhood "Erwin" friends are doing tonight. I would love to see them all. I appreciate them inviting me and if I don't get to join them tonight hope they will extend another invitation soon so I can make the next GNO. :) I have a bachelorette party Saturday night and cleaning Sunday. I will try to post pictures soon of Drew playing soccer although they haven't played much in the past 2 weeks do to the rain. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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