Thursday, September 3, 2009


If you know my husband, you know that he has been in excruciating pain for the past 2 years with his back, shoulder and neck. He has had two spinal blocks that did not work. He took the advice of Dr. J and went to see a neurologist. The neurologist Dr. M did another MRI and we found out yesterday that Dave has to have neck surgery in the very near future. He has 2 bone spurs that are cutting into the nerves in his spine around the neck area. They will go in through the front of his neck and cut out the spurs and add some bone from the bone bank. He will be out of commission for about a month.

I am asking for prayers for my husband for his safety and that the surgery will be a success and he will finally be out of pain. I know this surgery will be well worth it especially if my husband obeys the doctor's orders (he's had a problem with this in the past). :)

I will keep you all posted about the surgery when we hear from the doctor and find out exactly when it will take place. Again, prayers are much appreciated for now. Thanks!!!!


  1. Oh Allson how scary!! We will be saying lots of prayers! Keep us posted on when his surgery is, I'd love to bring you guys dinner one night!

  2. I hate to hear that but hopefully it will work. Definitely keep us posted and we'll be praying for you.