Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on Surgery

Hi all...we have a date for Dave's surgery. He will be having his neck surgery on Monday, September 21 (one week from today). They won't tell us what time until Friday, but I am assuming we will be there very early. I will try to post as soon as he gets out to let everyone know how he is doing. Keep him in your prayers this week and especially next Monday. :)

On a different note, Drew had his first soccer game this past Saturday and it didn't go all that great. It didn't help that he got mud caked on his shoes when we first got there...that absolutely sent him into a tizzy. I guess I should have let him get "dirty" more often. ;) Once the game started, Drew was really into kicking the soccer ball when out of no where another child swooped in and with the fancy footwork of a 4 year old he swiped that ball right out from under Drew. Drew's reaction, crying and burying his face into Daddy's leg while Daddy is trying to coach the rest of the team and console little man.

After that little incident Drew wanted nothing more to do with the game, except of course during the 5 minute half-time where he was out there by himself kicking the ball up and down the field with his family cheering loudly. Of course I was no where near the video camera when this all took place, but I did take some cute pics. *I have to go through and edit around 300 pictures from practice and game day so I will post as soon as I get a few.* Drew with his accomplished little smile took his seat on the sideline after his little half-time show and sipped water until the game was over. Needless to say this may be our only soccer season...he may be more of a T-Ball player! ;)

After the game the whole family including Myself, Dave, Papa, G.G., Nana, Granddaddy, BB, Great Nana, Uncle J, Flower and Kelly (you know our wonderful family cheering loudly for my child at half-time) went to Seafood and Chicken Box for lunch and over to the Halloween store next door to purchase Drew's costume. I will keep you all in suspense for a little longer until I can post the picture with it.

Thank you all for coming to Drew's first soccer game, maybe the next time you come he will actually play with the team and not just at half-time by himself....although that was quite
entertaining! :)

Hope you all have a great week...stay dry!!!

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  1. That is too funny!! Lucy wasn't much for soccer either! I'll be praying for the surgery to go smoothly!