Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have to give you a little background before I go into the "Strange" story:

Ever since Drew turned 2 he has had an "imaginary ummm...not really friend so we will call him person" he calls Jack. Jack appeared when Drew started his first daycare and apparently Jack is not nice and he scares Drew A LOT. I mentioned Jack to Drew's doctor at a random visit and Dr. H told Drew that Jack isn't scary because he lives in his noggin and he can make Jack go away any time. That seemed to do the trick, and for the past 8 months believe it or not Jack has not been with us.

However, a couple of weeks ago I picked Drew up from school and the conversation goes like this:

ME: What did you do at school today?

DREW: I played with all of my friends.

ME: Great, who did you play with?

DREW: (Naming some random children in his class) Johnny, Zachary, Alyssa, Jackson, oh and I have a new friend Mommy!

ME: You do?! That's great, what is your new friends name?

DREW: Strange.

ME: What? Strange? (Lightbulb goes off) Where does Strange live buddy?

DREW: In my foot.

ME: Why does Strange live in your foot?

DREW: Because Jack lives in my noggin, so Strange lives in my foot. He is really nice to me and I like him.

ME: Well, I am glad Strange is very nice to you. (Holding back serious laughter, mind you!)

*Sidenote: When we went back to see Dr. H for Drew's 4 year old check up, I mentioned Strange and he got a kick out of that and said that Drew has a wonderful imagination and that was a good thing.* :)


Drew doesn't talk about Strange near as much as he talked about Jack. When you asked Drew what Jack looked like he described a little boy with brown hair. When you ask Drew what Strange looks like he just takes his finger and draw's "lines and circles" in the air and says that is what Strange looks like?!? HMMM...does anyone think Jack may have been an actual spirit?Besides Josh, who absolutely believes that Jack was a ghost! I believe that children and animals can see spirits (especially angels). What do you all think?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last year in my 20's....

On May 17th I turned 29. This will be my last year in my 20's and for some reason it is affecting me greatly. I am very sad that this is my last year in my twenties. I feel like my "youth" is being ripped away from me. Why is that?!? What is so bad about turning 3o? Is it the fact that I am starting to find random gray hair all over my head? Or maybe that it's much harder to shed weight than it used to be? Could it be that I am discovering the beginning stages of "crow's feet"? Is it that I don't want to tan anymore because I am afraid I will wrinkle earlier? STRESS!!!! Deep breath and we are going to move on now.

May is a big month for me. First, there's Mother's Day, followed by my birthday, then to wrap things up Dave and I celebrate our Anniversary on May 22nd. Bless my husband that is a lot of pressure!

My husband is amazing...let me tell you he exceeded all of my "expectations" and more this year! To start, we had a great Mother's Day celebrating with our Mother's. And of course I got to spend quality time with my precious son Drew. My birthday was on a Monday this year, but the Friday before my birthday my sneaky little husband told me he had a "meeting" for work in Trussville and wanted to meet me for lunch. I get up on Friday and Dave gets Drew completely ready for school (which is huge for me). I head to work and Dave heads to his "meeting". Around lunch time Dave shows up at my office with a big surprise...he had bought me an iPhone. I was so excited. I have been wanting one for a while. We go to lunch and then we pick Drew up from school and I go back to work while my boys head home.

I headed home after work and walked into a SPOTLESS house. Dave had cleaned up the entire house. BEST PRESENT EVER!!! He even left a bottle of wine on the table for me. He then hands me the most beautiful card with an Eclipse movie ticket inside (yes, I love the Twilight series) from him and a precious Mickey card from Drew that he picked out all by himself. I then proceed to the bedroom to change into my afternoon "uniform" (comfy pants, t-shirt, hair on top of my head...etc.) and Dave tells me to get ready for another surprise and don't change. Wait, there's more...what?!?!

About an hour later some of our very best friends show up at the house to celebrate. We ordered pizza, the kids entertained, we had cake and a few shots and enjoyed each other's company. I tell you what I was not excited about turning 29, but my wonderful husband made the blow much softer! Thank you my love for everything! You are truly AMAZING and I love you more and more everyday!!!

My dad, Tammy, Alison and Alex came over on Sunday and we went to dinner and had cake when we got back! My mom, brother and sister will be coming this weekend to celebrate with me. Hey, who says you can't celebrate your birthday for weeks at a time?! :)
I have an amazing family and equally amazing friends and for that I am truly blessed! I love you all very much!!!

Dave didn't feel well on our Anniversary so we took it easy and went out to eat. Then we went to visit Dave's parents, sister, nieces and cousin's (who were visiting from New Orleans). It was a wonderful evening! I enjoyed spending time with our family that night and meeting baby Camille (who is the most adorable baby).

Here are a few pics from my Birthday Surprise!

The best husband in the world!!!

Drew helping me blow out the candles!

Opening presents...thanks everyone!

I love my boy!



Anyone want to buy our house?!? Do you know anyone looking to buy a house?!?

We have officially gone on the market. We will not give up this time, ride or die we will sell this house. It's time for an upgrade that is closer to Dave's job. Just thought I would post to see if anyone knows anyone that would be interested in purchasing our lovely 3 bedroom 2 bath home in a cul-de-sac in an AWESOME neighborhood. Fresh paint throughout...trust me it's very fresh (this past weekend fresh). :)

Master Bed

Master Bath

One of the secondary bedrooms

HUGE living room

Please pray that we sell our home quickly and for a good price. Thanks all!!!!