Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have to give you a little background before I go into the "Strange" story:

Ever since Drew turned 2 he has had an "imaginary ummm...not really friend so we will call him person" he calls Jack. Jack appeared when Drew started his first daycare and apparently Jack is not nice and he scares Drew A LOT. I mentioned Jack to Drew's doctor at a random visit and Dr. H told Drew that Jack isn't scary because he lives in his noggin and he can make Jack go away any time. That seemed to do the trick, and for the past 8 months believe it or not Jack has not been with us.

However, a couple of weeks ago I picked Drew up from school and the conversation goes like this:

ME: What did you do at school today?

DREW: I played with all of my friends.

ME: Great, who did you play with?

DREW: (Naming some random children in his class) Johnny, Zachary, Alyssa, Jackson, oh and I have a new friend Mommy!

ME: You do?! That's great, what is your new friends name?

DREW: Strange.

ME: What? Strange? (Lightbulb goes off) Where does Strange live buddy?

DREW: In my foot.

ME: Why does Strange live in your foot?

DREW: Because Jack lives in my noggin, so Strange lives in my foot. He is really nice to me and I like him.

ME: Well, I am glad Strange is very nice to you. (Holding back serious laughter, mind you!)

*Sidenote: When we went back to see Dr. H for Drew's 4 year old check up, I mentioned Strange and he got a kick out of that and said that Drew has a wonderful imagination and that was a good thing.* :)


Drew doesn't talk about Strange near as much as he talked about Jack. When you asked Drew what Jack looked like he described a little boy with brown hair. When you ask Drew what Strange looks like he just takes his finger and draw's "lines and circles" in the air and says that is what Strange looks like?!? HMMM...does anyone think Jack may have been an actual spirit?Besides Josh, who absolutely believes that Jack was a ghost! I believe that children and animals can see spirits (especially angels). What do you all think?

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