Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fourth of July Pics...and more!

Pictures as promised...even though I will again get no sleep tonight, you're welcome!!! ;)

Jordan, Dad, and Drew

My family!!!

Mee-Mee, Papa, and Drew

Alie Grits and Drew

Fun watching Fireworks!

Jordan, Drew and Carter

This looks like it will end badly...but it didn't! :)

Spider-Monkey...he has to warm up to the water for a minute.

Isn't he adorable?

Drew's "sock puppet" he made at school

Drew and Bailee Bug

Cul-de-sac Buddies...Carter, Drew, and Collin. Collin and his parents just moved this week. We will miss you Stacy, Derek and little "Dennis the Menace".

FIREWORKS for the big Goodbye! Collin and Drew...see ya soon buddy!

Here is a little sneak peek of Drew in some of his soccer gear. I think he is going to be really good. I am excited!!!

Have a great rest of the week!

Soccer, Aquarium Trips and Remodeling OH MY!!!!

Sorry it's been a while, we have just been covered up as usual.

***Breaking news***
We are signing Drew up for soccer tomorrow and we are SO EXCITED. Drew looks ADORABLE in his soccer "gear" and he asks us everyday if we are going to the soccer fields. I can't wait to be a "Soccer Mom" at the ballpark all the time! :)

***In other news***
We are taking Drew and Jordan to the Chattanooga Aquarium this Saturday and I think I am more excited than the boys. Hopefully I will get a lot of good pictures, not that I will post them anytime soon or anything. ;)

In the midst of chaos we are also currently re-modeling/re-decorating our house, which is only 5 years old, so some of you may be asking why? Well I am glad you asked. When the house was built they decided to put in the cheapest, lightest shade of cream-colored carpet in the world, so you add 5 years of wear and tear it is looking pretty rough. We are now trying to decide on new carpet or hardwoods. We are also re-painting because let 's face it I have a three year old...enough said. Along with that we recently got a new living room suit, (totally by accident but that is a story for a later date) new home decorations and we just finished re-painting Drew's dresser and chest of drawers. WHEW!

Speaking of a new living room suit, does anyone need a couch?!?!? We are now needing to sell our neutral three-piece sectional that includes 2 recliners and a bed. It is in really good condition. Let me know if you are interested! :)

I am having a picture editing session tonight with Tammy (my step mom) so I promise I will post some pics tonight!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Air Cut"

We took Drew for a "air cut" (hair cut) yesterday. What a fun trip that was...for some reason Drew is not a fan of getting his hair cut anymore. So we pull into the parking lot and he starts screaming, "I don't want a air cut, I not going".

Needless to say, it was a struggle getting him out of the car and into the chair for the not-so-friendly lady to cut his hair. Dave being the brilliant daddy he is had stuck tigger (you know the tigger from the previous post) in his pocket along with a car. This pacifies Drew while the not-so-friendly lady starts to cut. A snip here, a snip there, and she's done. I look at him and realize she has hardly cut anything at all. So I say, "I think I would like for you to use a 6 guard on the back and trim around his ears please." She pulls out the clippers and gets to work. In no time at all she's side of Drew's head was long and one was neatly clipped. I point this out to her, she huffs and pulls out the clippers again and finishes that side. Then she trims around his left ear and looks at me. I then say, "what about this side" obviously pointing to the right ear. Again, she huffs and trims that side.

Now here is where it gets interesting...if you have ever been around my child you know that he has a "rat tail" that we lovingly refer to as a "duck tail" because it is not really long enough to be classified as a "rat tail". I get very frustrated with his "duck tail" because it grows so fast. I usually trim it at home between cuts. Not-so-friendly lady had totally skipped his "duck tail" so I ask her to cut it. She says, "You really want me to cut this?" Of course, I am aware that we are in Moody and this woman probably has lots of children come in with "rat tails", but I am thinking did we just go back in time to 1984 but I respond "Yes please cut his rat tail." I then get the evil eye from not-so-nice lady as she cuts Drew's "duck tail".

Not really a point to this post, just thought I would share. No wonder Drew doesn't like "air cuts" anymore! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Last night I am going through my closet and I pull out a short (and by definition short these days hits at my knee) pink skirt with white, dark pink, charcoal, and black daisies on it. Very cute skirt, and I totally forgot about it so when I discovered it in my closet I tried it on and started my search for a top. I found a simple black top to where with it and decided to "model" it for Dave and Drew to see if it would be appropriate for work. Of course the reaction from Dave is, "Yeah, it looks good"...typical male response. :) However, my precious baby boy said to me, "Mommy, you look like a princess!" So guess what I am wearing today?!? I love my boy!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Less is More...

Why is it that we spend tons of money on expensive toys?!?

For the past month our child has done nothing but play with a dollar store Tigger figurine, a red stuffed dinosaur that came in a happy meal and a $2.00 el cheapo plastic airplane from Wal-Mart that he HAD TO HAVE! I swear the child has hundreds of dollars worth of really cool toys and those are the 3 favorites as of now. Occasionally he will pick up a Lightning McQueen, but for the most part it's Tigger, "Red" (dinosaur) and Airplane. He cracks me up!

Drew absolutely LOVES to read as well, so we read every single night. I don't know what we would do without books. If anyone is ever looking to buy him anything, clothing and books will suffice for a while. :)

More to come from this past weekend's 4th of July festivities. We had a FABULOUS weekend! Hope you all did too.