Monday, July 13, 2009

"Air Cut"

We took Drew for a "air cut" (hair cut) yesterday. What a fun trip that was...for some reason Drew is not a fan of getting his hair cut anymore. So we pull into the parking lot and he starts screaming, "I don't want a air cut, I not going".

Needless to say, it was a struggle getting him out of the car and into the chair for the not-so-friendly lady to cut his hair. Dave being the brilliant daddy he is had stuck tigger (you know the tigger from the previous post) in his pocket along with a car. This pacifies Drew while the not-so-friendly lady starts to cut. A snip here, a snip there, and she's done. I look at him and realize she has hardly cut anything at all. So I say, "I think I would like for you to use a 6 guard on the back and trim around his ears please." She pulls out the clippers and gets to work. In no time at all she's side of Drew's head was long and one was neatly clipped. I point this out to her, she huffs and pulls out the clippers again and finishes that side. Then she trims around his left ear and looks at me. I then say, "what about this side" obviously pointing to the right ear. Again, she huffs and trims that side.

Now here is where it gets interesting...if you have ever been around my child you know that he has a "rat tail" that we lovingly refer to as a "duck tail" because it is not really long enough to be classified as a "rat tail". I get very frustrated with his "duck tail" because it grows so fast. I usually trim it at home between cuts. Not-so-friendly lady had totally skipped his "duck tail" so I ask her to cut it. She says, "You really want me to cut this?" Of course, I am aware that we are in Moody and this woman probably has lots of children come in with "rat tails", but I am thinking did we just go back in time to 1984 but I respond "Yes please cut his rat tail." I then get the evil eye from not-so-nice lady as she cuts Drew's "duck tail".

Not really a point to this post, just thought I would share. No wonder Drew doesn't like "air cuts" anymore! :)


  1. Maybe she should have stayed home from work that day. I have a hard time staying calm when people act like that. My new, somewhat-polite line is "Are you mad at me, or are you just having a bad day?" But, you wouldn't have wanted her to ruin Drew's hair...

  2. Oh that's funny! I don't think I'd be using her again though. She doesn't seem very nice at all and knowing me I probably would have said something to her!

  3. That is so funny! Jayden just won't stop moving his head and gets all these bald spot when we try to get his done! Oh my!