Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Soccer, Aquarium Trips and Remodeling OH MY!!!!

Sorry it's been a while, we have just been covered up as usual.

***Breaking news***
We are signing Drew up for soccer tomorrow and we are SO EXCITED. Drew looks ADORABLE in his soccer "gear" and he asks us everyday if we are going to the soccer fields. I can't wait to be a "Soccer Mom" at the ballpark all the time! :)

***In other news***
We are taking Drew and Jordan to the Chattanooga Aquarium this Saturday and I think I am more excited than the boys. Hopefully I will get a lot of good pictures, not that I will post them anytime soon or anything. ;)

In the midst of chaos we are also currently re-modeling/re-decorating our house, which is only 5 years old, so some of you may be asking why? Well I am glad you asked. When the house was built they decided to put in the cheapest, lightest shade of cream-colored carpet in the world, so you add 5 years of wear and tear it is looking pretty rough. We are now trying to decide on new carpet or hardwoods. We are also re-painting because let 's face it I have a three year old...enough said. Along with that we recently got a new living room suit, (totally by accident but that is a story for a later date) new home decorations and we just finished re-painting Drew's dresser and chest of drawers. WHEW!

Speaking of a new living room suit, does anyone need a couch?!?!? We are now needing to sell our neutral three-piece sectional that includes 2 recliners and a bed. It is in really good condition. Let me know if you are interested! :)

I am having a picture editing session tonight with Tammy (my step mom) so I promise I will post some pics tonight!!!!

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