Friday, May 29, 2009


I know it's been a while since I have posted, sorry 'bout's been a little hectic.

Dave and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last Friday. We both had to work and my mom and Mee-Maw came into Trussville around 2:00 to pick up Drew for a weekend in Gadsden. I loved on my boy and sent him on his way knowing he would be in wonderful hands for the weekend. Dave and I went shopping after work and then rented a few movies, picked up dinner and went home. Dave felt horrible all weekend (severe ear infection and sinus infection) so we did absolutely NOTHING Saturday. I was grateful for getting to lay around, but I tell you it gets boring after a while watching someone else sleep. :) Sunday we got up picked up the house and went to Gadsden to collect our little man from his weekend trip. He really enjoyed spending time with his GG, Mee-Maw, Uncle J, Granddaddy and Aunt Cindi on Friday and Saturday and BB, Uncle Mack, Nana and Pa-Paw and we also got a special visit from Aunt Nancy, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Lori, Lauren and Dylan on Sunday. He was very excited to see Mommy and Daddy and did not leave our sides all day Sunday, however, on the way home he asked us to take him back...we missed you too buddy! :)

Monday I had to work for a little while, but I got to leave around lunch time so Dave, Drew and I headed over to The Brown's for what I thought was a Memorial Day celebration, but later found out that they had a birthday party planned (So sweet...I have the best in-laws ever)! We got to spend time with Nana, Granddaddy, Nam-Maw, Aunt Amy, Uncle Taylor, Mary Kate and Caroline. We had a great day with everyone and headed home around 5:00 after a fun game of hide and seek. :)

Back to work on Tuesday and we also took our house back OFF the market again...we are going to re-finance, re-model and put it back up in about a year (hopefully the market will pick back up by then for sellers). I have learned that God has a plan for us all and it may not be exactly what we planned, but we are extremely blessed and more than willing to let Him guide our lives in the direction that He wants us. Our new plan is to gut, if you will, our house. By "gut" I mean get rid of a ton of stuff...we just have more than we need and I know there are families out there that can use a lot of it so we will share with them. :) So we will be busy for the next few months and eventually we are planning to put down hardwoods, and re-paint....a lot of work, but hopefully it will pay off.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. My mom and Jordan are coming in town today and we are supposed to keep Princess Bailee tonight for our great friends the Tipton's. Saturday we will all be attending Carter's birthday party and then off to another birthday party that is a surprise so I will post more later about that (I have no earthly idea who reads this blog and who doesn't, so I don't want to ruin anything). Sunday should be relaxing...maybe we will get started "gutting" our house. At least it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. :) 'Til we meet again!!!!

Oh yeah...A big CONGRATS to Phaidra and Hannon on their exciting news!!! We are so happy for you!

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