Thursday, May 7, 2009's been one of those weeks!

Yep, you heard it here first...Drew absolutely takes after his daddy in the accident prone department. :( Bless his heart he has had a rough week, hence why there have been no posts.
On top of our house being shown practically EVERY DAY and us not being at home I apologize for lack of posting.

We had a great time at the lake, despite all the rainy weather. We hung out with my dad and step-mom a.k.a. Poppy (used to be Papa) and Mee-Mee. Drew got to fish for the first time (pictures to come), and like his mama he was only interested for about 10 minutes. :) So let's get started on Drew's rough week:

Monday - Picked him up from school and another child had poked him in the eye and busted a blood vessel...he now has a red dot that has yet to go away!

Tuesday - After returning from our afternoon walk we went to play at our neighbor's house and he and Carter were riding on her jeep and it tipped over backwards and they bumped heads. The back of his head the front of her head...bless them both!

Wednesday - Consider yourself warned ***This is not for the faint*** The daycare calls me around 9:30 am and says that Drew has been hurt. I am starting to fill the panic rise as I ask what happened.
Director: You may want to go ahead and notify his doctor...
Me: Why? What has happened?
Director: Drew was using the potty and the toilet seat fell down and smashed his ****AREA****
and we can't get him to calm down. (I imagine that was not an easy task considering what had just happened!)
Me: I am on my way!!!!
So after holding urine for 10 hours, crying on and off all day, one doctor visit, and finally urinating Drew is much better...WHEW! No permanent damage, just bruising. I can't even imagine what my poor baby was going through with all of that, but thank goodness when we got up this morning he went to the potty like normal and never even mentioned it. :)
It did crack me up when I dropped him off this morning and the first thing that one of his classmates said to him was "Drew is your pee-pee all better?" :)

I promise I will post pictures again, but that would require me to sit in front of a computer for at least an hour or two and I just don't have enough time in the day, but soon I promise.
Have a great rest of the more day, YAY!!!


  1. OMG, poor baby, the last accident being the worst! I'm glad he's recovering!!

  2. oh no!!! poor thing! Now that he is okay, that will be a story to tell for years to come lol!

  3. Oh my! That's terrible!! Talk about being scarred for life--you should be thankful he is willing to use the potty still! Poor Drew :(