Friday, June 26, 2009

It's been a minute....

Since I have posted. I am sorry for my lack of commitment to keeping you all informed of our daily lives (because I know you all thrive on whether or not I have posted...ha ha!) I will try to keep it short and sweet and I plan to post pictures this weekend. We have been incredibly busy this month. We have had: father's day, a wedding, a beach trip (it totally counts as 2 different things even though the wedding was at the beach), ER visit (Drew had a severe viral infection, but he is much better now), Dave getting Drew's viral infection, working out, re-financing our house, working late, meetings, funerals, switching insurance companies, family visits, trips to the lake, etc. WHEW...I am exhausted! I am happy our lives are so blessed and full, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and tired. My new quote..."I am over worked and under paid!" But really, who isn't?!?

I didn't take a lot of pictures at the beach because we were only on the actual beach one day. Drew was sick the rest of the time. I also got NO pictures of Dave and I all dressed up, and we dressed up two nights in a row....What the crap?!? According to the pictures I didn't even go on that trip. That's okay, I am not fond of being on that side of the camera anyways. :) Anyways, I will absolutely make time to post pictures this weekend...I have some really good ones.
***Congrats to all of our friends who have had babies and who are expecting babies...there are quite a few of you. We are so happy for you all!!!***

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