Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three Thanksgivings!

Hi Everyone! I am sure by now you have all seen or at least heard of the movie "Four Christmases" right?!? Well this year we had "Three Thanksgivings". Granted our Thanksgivings weren't as funny and disfunctional, however, we did travel more than we visited. :) Oh well, that's what happens when you have tons of wonderful family to celebrate with. We loved spending time with everyone this year. I will post some pictures of our awesome families soon. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful family. There are many things to be thankful for this year and I could spend an hour listing them but I will just say this: We are truly blessed and we thank our Savior everyday for first and foremost Him and our relationship with Him, our son, each other, our families, our health, and our jobs. I will move on now!
We also had Christmas pictures made, however, I am unable to post many on this blog. My mother in law visits this blog and the photos we had made with Drew and his cousins Mary Kate and Caroline are off limits for her viewing pleasure until Christmas...Sorry Nana! You will have to be patient! ;) I will post a few of Drew and Jordan, because my mom has already seen them.

Holidays are so crazy for us, but I will TRY to post more often. Have a great week!

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