Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 Year Appointment

So now that my baby is 3 (tear, tear, sniff) we had to go to his 3 year check up. I am proud to say that my little man is growing big and strong and Dr. H is very proud of his progress. Drew is weighing in at 32. 5 lbs. (70th percentile) and is 37 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile). Bless my boy, he is just not a baby anymore. :( He had to have his blood pressure taken and a finger stick. I have to tell you, my child is quite the drama king...he whined about his "boo-boo" on his finger the ENTIRE way home (a good 30 minutes).

Dr. H also noticed that he is very head-strong...not sure who he gets that from! :) Drew kept telling Dr. H that he is not sick. He also proceeded to put his toy car on the exam table and told Dr. H that he is Lightning McQueens doctor, not Drew's. By the end of our visit with the doctor he actually had Drew smiling a little, and then in comes the nurse with the terrible little "boo-boo" maker (finger sticker).

Since my big boy is now 3 I suppose he has decided that fighting is now acceptable. Examples:
Monday - I go to pick Drew up from school and the boy has scratches all over his face (even one in his ear). I ask his teacher what happened and she says that he and another little boy just started duking it out for no apparent reason. She separated them and put them in time out, turned around to wipe another child's nose and by the time she turned back around they were at it again!!! I still can't get Drew to tell me what they were fighting about.
Tuesday - I turn into the parking lot to pick Drew up and the class is outside on the playground. As I am turning in I see Drew walk up to a little boy and just push him...for no reason. I am in shock. The little boy then turns to Drew and starts hitting him, and Drew of course hits him back. The teacher from across the playground runs over and separates them and is putting them in time out as I am getting out of my car. So I go collect Drew's things, etc. and come back out to get him. I ask him why he hit the other child and he says, "because he is a monster"!!! WHAT THE CRAP?!?

Now I ask you all what is a mother to do? How do I get him to understand that it is not acceptable to just walk up and hit another child? When I talk to him, he seems to understand what I am saying and yet the very next day...
Any suggestions from you parents out there would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I wish I had some advice to offer you, but I'm behind you. Definitely let me know what works though. I think all kids go through it to an extent. He's too cute by the way!

  2. The only advice I have is this: Drew is a separate being from you, and what he does is no reflection on your parenting. All you can do is be consistent in your message--"hitting is not nice." Maybe even go a step further with "we don't hit because it hurts, and then we feel bad for hurting someone."

    I'm sure it will take time, so don't expect a turn-around immediately! (Could be he picked it up from someone else at school and decided if he did it first, then they wouldn't get him...)