Thursday, February 17, 2011

Disney World - Day 2

So now that I am on bed rest I finally have time to update my blog!!! I am going to start where I left off and over the next week or two hopefully I can catch up. :)

Day 2 at Disney started early as Dave, Drew and I headed to Animal Kingdom. Nana needed some rest so she slept in while the three of us took off. We took the bus and Drew started meeting characters before we could get in the actual park.

Drew wasn't sure exactly who this was at first, but after reminding him that it was Timone from the Lion King he warmed up quickly. After we got in, we ate lunch and headed to Kilimanjaro Safari. I couldn't ride because I am pregnant, but Dave said Drew had a are pics from Dave's phone.

After that we caught the Lion King show. Drew was scared at first because it was dark and loud, but he ended up loving it by the time it was over.

After the show we got an ice cream, met some more characters and just goofed off. Drew got to explore what was in the log. It was pretty cute.

We then headed back to the hotel to rest for a minute and get Nana. We headed to Epcot that evening to the check out the food festival. We started out at the character spot and met everyone and got their autographs (again). Then Drew wanted to see the Finding Nemo exhibit. So we rode the Nemo ride and he had talk time with Crush the turtle (very funny).

After Epcot, we went back to the hotel and crashed! I was exhausted, and I knew we had one more day to pack in the rest of the fun and another park. :)

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