Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top 10 Signs you are pregnant with your 2nd child...

1.) Your current one and only child all of a sudden becomes the biggest brat. Back-talking, not minding, yelling, hitting, etc. What the crap? Where did this little demon come from?

2.) At 8 weeks your regular clothes no longer fit, but you make your pants fit with a rubber band around the button for that extra inch or two because you know what everyone is thinking...

3.) People are asking when you are due and when you say March, they give you "the look" (the holy cow you are only 2 months pregnant look).

4.) Someone down the hall is cooking something in the microwave that smells good, you get a whiff and think about stealing their food. Or the opposite happens and it smells terrible and you want to vomit in their food so they loose their appetite like you lost yours. (Blaming hormones)

5.) You are craving a peach milkshake from Chick-fil-A, you get one and you are savoring the yumminess of it when all of a sudden a chunk of peach (which is usually your favorite part) hits your mouth and you gag. Never wanting another peach milkshake again!!!

6.) You sit in your office in the dark hoping and praying no one looks at you, speaks to you or even breathes at you. (I am blaming hormones again!)

7.) You want this pregnancy to stretch as far as possible because there are so many things that need to get done before the new baby gets here.

8.) No matter how long you wish your pregnancy will last it seems to be flying by!!!

9.) You can't hang on the beach for very long because it is too freaking hot and you have to pee constantly!!!

10.) Your child tells everyone there are two babies in mommy's tummy. A brother and a sister, and they all believe him because well you are only 8 weeks and can't fit into your regular clothes.


  1. I love it!!!! Actually I love #9. You did GREAT at hanging girlfriend. Just think, next year you'll be ready to go! :)

  2. Too funny! So excited for you!