Monday, November 9, 2009


Sorry again for a delayed post. Drew has been sick since Tuesday night and out of school for 3 days. He has one of those 5-pack a day coughs that just won't go away. He is finally starting to feel better today. Although he did tell me this morning that he couldn't go to school because he is sick and he needs to go see his friend Dr. H. So I told him I would call Dr. H. and see if we could go see him later today. That seemed to work for a minute until he realized that we were heading toward his school. He then proceeds to start whining "Mommy, I said I was sick and I need to go to the doctor." Bless him! He didn't cry though so that's a good thing and he has been fever free since Friday night. So off to school he went. Hopefully I won't get a call today from the school saying Drew needs to be picked up.

Halloween went very well. We had lots of family and friends come over. We had yummy food and lots of trick-or-treaters. We went to the end of our street and back because it was so cold so Drew wasn't too overloaded with candy. Thank goodness! Overall, it was a very fun night. You will all be proud to know that I am in the process of editing over 1000 (yes that is an accurate number) pictures right now, including Halloween, soccer and just random events. I will post some as soon as I get them all sorted.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Congrats to my friend Morgan for her new bundle of joy Brooks. I am so happy for her and her family!

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